Coming up for air… briefly

April 9, 2009

Wow. It has been some time since a post. I have found myself working on quite a few project, getting quotes for installations, working on video and audio editing and trying to figure out what equipment I should test out next.

I recently bought a Sound Meter from Radio Shack  (I could do a whole story on this store and much of it wouldn’t be flattering). It works fine and it got it just in time to test it out during a church service. Normally there are few complaints about the sound levels at church. Actually, since the new A/V director took over (no, not me) there haven’t been any complaints about the level but this past Sabbath at church we got three complaints. It didn’t seem louder to me than any other Sabbath but when I checked the meter it did read about 100 db. 

Of course that was only during the Praise and Worship portion of the service and while the sound was loud (100 db is 100 db, there’s no way around it) overall the sound was well balanced. You didn’t have screeching, ear piercing highs or muddy lows. And the Pastor likes it that way. As I said we usually don’t get  complaints.

The meter works well though I would rather get the digital model for a few bucks more. One problem with the analog model is that the meter only goes from -0 to +10 db so you have to dial in the range (ie. 30-40, 40-50, 50-60) which, may not fluctate during a lecture or sermon but during a concert or Praise & Worship will fluctuate quite a bit. I want to be able to read my sound meter with just one glance and not have to change settings each couple of moments to get  a good reading. So this model will be returned and I will get the Digital Version.

Next time I think I will talk about creativity. That should make for an interesting discussion!


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