Choirfest 6 – New Life SDA Church

July 21, 2009

This coming weekend (July 25th) I along with my trusted crew, will be working at the 6th Annual choir fest at the New Life SDA Church in Gaithersburg , MD. You should come out but to do so you have to SIGN UP!

Last year we had a great time. It was the first concert I had done in years and I was a bit rusty but it turn out great. This year we are stepping it up a notch.

As with last year the headliner for 2009 Choirfest is JJ Hairston and Youthful Praise. No one in that group sings like a youth, though. My favorite song of the night was actually the last song “Satisfied with Jesus” which was more of an old school, high energy gospel song. (I’m more of an old school guy). It was the groups 13th song of the night and they sang it like it was their first song of the night. No cracking, to-weary-to-hit-the-high-note voices here. And the musicians were tight, especially the drummer on that particular song.

I wish I could put up the audio so that you could hear it but copyright prevents that so you should come out  and see it live for yourself.

Last year we were understaffed and didn’t have enough equipment. It is incredible hard to shoot a concert with one camera. BUT we did the best job we could and people were pleased with the results. This year we are adding a camera, and audio recording equipment. Ambient recordings are ok but a good mixdown is a thing of beauty (to the ears anyway).

So sign up, come join us and have a good time.


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