Company Logo

July 21, 2009

When doing any type of media creation for anyone (even home videos) it is a good idea to have a logo or use credits to identify work as your own. It is simply good business. While you may never make money off of a particular project it might fall into the *right* hands and those hands may want to hire you because of your previous work.

I have been using a logo at the end of all the DVDs I have created. That logo was made using After Effects but since I have learned a lot more about After Effects I decided to create a new one. Then on a whim I created another one because my creative juiced started to flow. Once again I want to give thanks to Andrew Kramer from VideoCoPilot. net for the great ideas.

So I will add links to the three video logos I have made and let me know which one you like the most.

Next time I will work on sound effects to add spice to the logos.

Logo 1 – Original
Logo 2 – Replacement Logo
Logo 3 – Quick Idea

I have an idea on how I can improve the short logo to make it a little better but it might take some time to work it out.


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