Choirfest 6 (Reprise)

August 19, 2009

So July 25th came and went and it took me weeks to recover. It was a LOOOOOONG weekend! I wrote a blog about it. Wanna hear it? Here it goes…We had planned to have the rented equipment dropped off on the Wednesday night and then the crew (great friends all) would come on Friday to tear everything down and setup for the church service Saturday morning and then the concert in the evening.

Then the bug “Lack of Communication” hit and it was discovered that a music conference was to be taking place on Friday. BIG problem! That just threw my whole schedule off. I knew we would need a whole day because of the things we were adding to the stage:

Upgrading from a 32×4 Mackie to a 32×8 Allen & Heath console
Adding 2 more speakers and 2 subwoofers
Wiring an additional 16 channel snake
Adding 5 microphones (2 wireless)
Rewiring the effects processors
Gaff all the cabling
Test everything

It’s VERY hard to do that with people holding a seminar in the same room.

So as a compromise we were going to start the teardown on Thursday night and start the setup on Friday morning. So my new schedule was as follows:

  1. Pick up my friend and audio engineer for the weekend on Wednesday afternoon (Kevin B or Kilobyte for short)
  2. Go to the church on Wednesday night for the equipment drop off at 6pm
  3. Hang out on Thursday morn and start teardown Thursday night ~7ish
  4. Have breakfast with Kevin and Melvin (another good friend) Friday morning at the local Denny’s then go to the church for setup and hopefully finish before the conference starts at  1pm

Sounds like a good plan but things went wrong almost from the beginning…

Picked up Kevin from Reagen International Airport (best airport in the Washington, DC area) on time but got lost on the way back. It is TOO easy to get lost driving in and out of DC and once you get lost it is hard to find your way back on track. So we lost at least 45 minutes and gallons of gas by traveling 30 miles out of the way.

Next, on Wed night the equipment which was supposed to be dropped off at 6 pm was dropped off at 10pm. (Late night #1)

Then on Thursday night as planned we headed over to church to tear down…. after a big storm had passed. Guess what we found??!? NO POWER. It is very hard to disconnect equipment in the dark.  So we stayed around hoping that power would come back on and it finally did at 10pm… and flickered so badly afterwards that we realized it would be unwise to connect or disconnect anything having to do with electricity. (Late night #2)

So we got started earlier on Friday. Needless to say we didn’t get it all down. Thankfully I will not drag you through the entire day. I will just say my original estimate of needing a day to get it all done was correctly and we didn’t have a whole day. We ended up leaving the church at 11:20pm without having time to test 1 connection. (Late night #3)

Next edition I will tackle the actual concert.


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