Starting over again for 2010

December 14, 2009

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You would think that because of the long lag between posts that I have been lazy and not doing much but the truth is I have been fairly busy. Since I last posted I have video taped 2 funerals (one was actually fun the other one not so much), 2 weddings (one has yet to be edited), engineered 1 concert (audio & video), recorded and edited a few commericals (youtube link goes here) and recorded and edited quite a few church services and am learning Adobe Lightroom 2.5 on top of continual education on Adobe After Effects.

I will admit that due to the nature of recording a church service there isn’t a lot of room for creativity so my editing drive had been diminished¬†to the point where I was just spitting out each DVD every¬†week without a lot of thought put into them. I had lost my mojo… The weddings and commercials helped bring back the love! (The funerals not so much). That and a healthy dose of VideoCopilot.net. They have a few new tutorials that helped get the drive back.

I got interested in Adobe Lightroom because with my new Canon Powershot SX20. It is a program that not only helps you categorize your pics and but you can do some minimal tweaks to your photos as well, such as White Balancing, cropping and a few other things. It is VERY useful to have especially when you find yourself with tons of pics that you took to enhance your videos. More on Lightroom when I learn more about it.

As 2010 rolls around I have been throwing around a few more ideas to get myself in better position to use my Audio/Video skills. I have considered opening a recording studio in my area. I have a lot of talented people at my church and it would be great to be able to collaborate creatively with them. 
I have also began to scope out the equipment I would need expand my videography such as additional lighting, a new tripod, external hard drive, a new video camera and a couple of smaller things. And let us not forget advertising, advertising, advertising.
Mostly I am waiting for the banks to start lending to Small Businesses again. I see that has become a hot topic for the President again so hopefully *something* will happen on that front.

BTW¬† – While I normally don’t do movie reviews my wife and I watched Termintor: Salvation (the latest in the serious). It was awful. Stupid story, bad acting, unbelieveable action. It was just bad. When your¬†climax is successful open heart surgery from a cyborg to a human in the outdoors, in the desert without any type of blood matching I ‘d say you have a weak story.


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