June 25, 2010

While trying to work on 3D Titling (story soon to follow) I came across a website that needs to be shared: TextureKing.com. On of the things I love about Photoshop and After Effects is the ability to add texture to your project; it adds a little bit of life or grunge or… texture. While I’m certain other programs have that same ability *I* am not as familiar with the other programs so I’m sticking to what I can speak of for now.

The great thing about TextureKing.com is that I can get these texture for (wait for it) FREE! There is rarely a better word in the English dictionary than that! Say it with me, FREE! I advocate supporting these guys when you can so that the site can remain (say it again) FREE!

The only caveat I have with the website is that there is no way to do a bulk download. And I’m not talking about 1-Click downloads all, I think that would be overkill. But what I would like is the ability to check off maybe 5 at a time and then download those 5 at one time. However beggars can’t be too choosy.

Check it out and give the guys some props for their hard work and FREE! textures. Did I mention that the textures were FREE!


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