Time for new equipment…

March 1, 2011

It’s time to move up to full HD. Why, you ask, especially since I had a whole argument against moving to HD.  No client I have had has asked for HD. I don’t even have full HD (that is a whole other story)! But now that you can have HD on YouTube and Vimeo it means that you have the option to upload HD video. To have the option you need to have the ability. A Canon GL2 (which is a GREAT SD camera for the price) does not have the ability to shoot HD.

I got a taste of HD (720p) with my Canon Powershot SX20 which I have used to shoot a few concerts, a wedding and an interview. A decent picture can be had with the Powershot SX20 BUT it is time to upgrade.  So I have been looking for a good HD camcorder. Have any suggestions?

My research has only hit on a few prosumer cameras in my price range <$3000 by Canon, S0ny and Panasonic. I’m also looking to move away from DV Tape to SDHC or SDXC cards which shrinks the list. I certainly don’t want to deal with the cost of P2 or SXS cards so that also shrinks the list of available cameras.

I then started to look at DSLRs since I had some success with the SX20. That led to more research than I have done in a LONG time. Shooting video DSLRs you will encounter a few problem that don’t affect camcorders. You can overcome certain issues by throwing money at them but apparently the other issues can be mostly overlooked. Purists are up in arms but the one major strong point that cannot be ignored is the price of entry for a good DSLR is sooo low. $2000 can get you a “video camera” that shoots using a larger chip (better clarity, better low light shots), can using various lens (big plus of depth of field when used properly) and can take excellent pictures. Where can you go wrong?

My research has led me to the following sites (not shown in any order of importance):






I am leaning toward a Canon 60D along with some “additions“. Total cost is currently $5400ish but subject to change depending on the lens I choose. Sure the price looks like I can get this model camcoder, however, I would have ALL the accessories I need and not having $6000 as  starting out price.

More to come, of course.



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