It has Arrived! (a Canon 60D Review)

March 25, 2011

Not that the world needs another Canon 60D review but I need to put this device through its paces and it helps to write down what I did for future reference. Besides, it’s fun. First, however, I need to tell you about my entire purchasing experience.

 Instead of buying the 60D from B&H or Amazon or Newegg I went right to the source: Canon.com. I did this because I wanted to take advantage of a 10% off of any refurbished camera/lens that Canon was offering. A 60D body only (no lens kit) is going to $999 brand new with $100 off at the major retailers that I mentioned earlier. A refurbished 60D was going for $799. Add the %10 (plus tax and shipping) and you get a good deal for $780. So I bought it, saved $120 over a new model, and waited the 4 days for it to arrive. Once I got it I immediately looked it over, charged up the battery (took ~4hours) and started to take pictures with the two lenses I had purchased from B&H (Canon 50mm 1.8 prime and an inexpensive Tamron 28-80). Took a few decent pics to get acquainted with the camera and then put it away for the night after taking about the battery.

The next day I put in the batter and turn on the camera and nothing happens. Zip, Nada, Zilch. I take out the battery and reseat it. Nothing. I try a different SD card. Nothing. I reseat the battery again. Nothing. Switch back and forth between lenses. Nothing. I then go and call Canon support. They answer quickly – not much menu jumping. While on the phone with tech support the camera comes on and I can take a few pics and then I can’t shut it off. Oh, I can move the switch to the off position but the camera doesn’t shut off. I remove the battery and then the camera won’t turn on. The tech immediately transfers me to the Return Dept without waiting for anyone in the Dept to actually pick up. I asked to be transfered back to Tech Support for someone who can at least try a few things. I ended up with a decent tech who does try some things and admits to being baffled at a camera that sometimes comes on and doesn’t shut off or just never comes on. Back to the Return Dept who processes my RMA.

Now I’m bummed. I wanted this camera, waited for a good deal and bought refurbished on the overall word on the web that Canon Refurb products are almost as good as new. I explained this to the support person on the phone and she offered my the same 10% deal and free shipping when I choose to buy another camera.

But then I have an idea. I call back to the sales dept and ask if I can apply the 10% on a new camera. I’ve been burned by refurb and I don’t want to take that plunge again since it’s going to take about 2 weeks for a refund. She talks to the supervisor and in under 5 minutes I have a brand new 60D body coming after getting free shipping and 10% off (Still have to pay tax, though) for a total of $858. So I still save over a brand new model! Ya for Canon. They did make it right.

Wow, I’ve gone over 550 words and not one word on how the camera works. Since it is my first DSLR it may take some time to get the hang of this so I’m going to take some classes. They great thing is that photography classes can only help my videography skills. 🙂

Stay tuned for part II…


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