Canon 60D Review (Part Deux)

March 31, 2011

As I mentioned before (previous post) this post isn’t really a review of the 60D. Many others (dpreview & photographyblog etc.) have good, technical reviews of this fine product. This post is more like a view into my experience in becoming a better videographer through the use of video on a  DSLR.

I had the opportunity to use my new 60D this weekend while shooting a wedding for a friend. I have been reading any and all blogs and articles covering HDSLRs that I could get my web pages on. Some of them I’ve read three and four times over to gain some understanding as to what I can expect but I am the type that needs to get my hands dirty; I need to get out there and shoot as book knowledge isn’t enough for me.

Along with my 60D I bought 2 relatively low cost lenses to start with: a Canon 50mm f/1.8 prime and a Tamron 28-80 zoom. I shot pictures with both lenses and video with only the 50mm. I also shot with wedding with 2 Canon GL2 camcorders.

(Sidenote: I am very reluctant to retire the GL2 cameras because it would cost at least $4k to replace them, $4k that I just don’t have. But when you think of the time spent dumping down the dv tape to computer so that you can edit, well, a 60 min tape takes at least 60 minutes to dump down to computer. Shooting to SDHC cards take minutes to dump down and that is money in your pocket if you are busy man.)

I also bought a monopod to steady my shots, an LED light an a few other items to make my job easier but I learned many a good lesson. A monopod is great to shot picture that take second to capture but it isn’t really great for shooting video. Lesson learned. I did have an extra tripod I could have used but I couldn’t find the plate to connect the camera to the tripod. Second Lesson learned.

I shot the video at 1920×1080 30fps on the 60D vs 640×480 on the GL2. WOW! What a difference. The larger chip, better glass and higher resolution on the 60D produced more vivid, more lively colors than the GL2s. Yes, some people my say what did you expect? Well the addition on a shallow depth of field from the 50mm lens also adds to the picture/story. When you can shift focus between a soloist and the bridal party in the background easily which would take hours to do in post (well it might take me hours…) you save time. That, once again, is important when you are trying to have the wedding video done in weeks and not months.

I did learn that I need to have a few more parts. A friend of mine who shoots with a 5D Mark II did warn me when I called to speak to him about using a DSLR to shoot video. I do understand in the long run I will have to pay $4k-5k to get everything to shoot video in this camera but I can buy it in stages, make money shooting pics and in the end getting a great bit of knowledge out of the whole experience. What’s wrong with that?

The following site have help, are helping and will continue to help me create a package worth shooting movies with:






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