Quick Notes…

June 21, 2011

A couple of quick comments…

Note 1:

Wrapped up another successful Choir Fest production. Had fun working with the members of the A/V Ministry at New Life SDA Church. May God continue to bless them. Had some interesting moments working sound for the concert. *VERY* interesting, and then I came across an article in Church Production Magazine (get yourself a free subscription to this magazine!!!) that highlighted my experience to a T. While I don’t usually cover much audio in this blog I’m going to have to tackle this one. Look for it soon.

Note 2:

In addition to working with the Audio team on Choir Fest 8 I also managed the Video team. Imagine a 3 camera shoot without the benefit of a fully experienced team AND with no communication with the team (except for the pre-concert walk-thru), AND with a raving lunatic as the producer (that was me). I think it worked pretty well actually… not that I have seen any of the footage yet. But at least they won’t hear me cursing their name as I’m editing the video later this month. I am going to need a more powerful computer, however, as my editing workstation is starting to choke…

Note 3:

Speaking of a more powerful computer… my local Microcenter is selling a previous generation i7-960 proc for $180 while the latest i7-2600k is selling for $100 more. Money is an issue and a recent article from Videoguys.com indicated that they do NOT recommend the current Sandy bridge core (in the i7-2600k) processor for a NLE system. I’m not certain what to make of they claim. Another issue with buying Intel processors is that while they are the king of processing power and handily beat AMD processors when you are talking about time to render video it must be said that they have NO useable upgrade paths for their processors. What they means is you usually have to buy a new motherboard (and often new memory) when they upgrade their processors while with AMD you can (usually) buy what you can afford now and upgrade the processor later while keeping most of your current system intact. It is a definite cost savings that cannot always be overlooked. If I buy the i7-960 it is immediately a dead-end technology because the motherboard that supports a 960 cannot support a 2600k.

Note 4:

And lastly – I rented a camera (Canon XL2) from a friend of mine for the recent 3 camera shoot I mentioned earlier and that continues to bring up a great question about SD and HD, questions that I covered in another post. My friend is willing to sell his XL2; it is definitely step up from the GL2 but it has a couple of drawbacks (tape system, not HD) that has me question whether or not it would be a good investment at about $1800. It would work with all my current batteries and equipment without a problem and I don’t do much work in HD but with a push to Vimeo and YouTube you can’t over look shooting in High Definition. You can get a new, decent HD cam for around $2000 that shoots to a media card and avoid having to dump down an hour long tape or you can get the reigning king of SD cameras for the same price with its drawbacks. What would you do???


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