2011 is dead… long live 2012

December 25, 2011

As 2011 comes to a close I was wondering if I got a lot accomplished this year, after all I wasn’t certain I had much to write about over the past few months. But that isn’t close to the truth. Besides learning new techniques from VideoCopilot I have recorded (and edited) 3 weddings, a play, various church services, a concert, multiple slideshows for public viewing, and a video for an office celebration. I also built an new editing workstation (with in Intel i7 processor) that cuts down my rendering time by at least 300%. That’s quite a list but I want need to do more in 2012. Here is my list that I would like to accomplish by 2012:

1. Build a new storage array – Just as I got a plan together to build my 6TB raw storage array there was a *little* problem in Thailand that caused a major jump in HD prices. Prior to the flooding it was possible to get 2TB 7200rpm drives for a about $120. Now those same drives are back to >$179. That increase of around $60 would mean an extra $240 for the same 4 drives that I need for my array. Sorry but I don’t have that kind of money. This means I need to wait until the middle of the year even though analysts say the problem should ease in the first few months.

2. Get newer lenses for my 60D – Against much advise online about investing in lenses more so than the camera body I picked the Canon 60D for specific reasons and then picked up a few lower cost lenses that cover wide, zoom and fixed 50mm ranges. I didn’t know enough about photography to justify $300-800 lenses (and my wallet couldn’t justify them either) but now that I have made some money with my camera I can invest in another lenses. So that is definitely on my list for 2012.

3. Better market myself – Not necessarily sell myself (per se) but get my name out there. I have joined forums such as Quora and LinkedIn groups that allow me to highlight my AV skills but let’s face it, I need to get more information out there about what I can do. I can start with updating this blog more frequently but I can also focus on the work I am doing on WHMG.TV. Oh? You didn’t know I was a contributor on WHMG.TV? See! That just proves my point that I need to do a better job marketing myself.

4. An additional HD camera –  To this day I still stand by my original argument and to this day I haven’t had to create a Blu-Ray disc for any clients. That being said it is an inevitable march to HD that I cannot stop or even slowdown so it is time I invest in another HD camera. I know I still won’t be asked for a product in Blu-ray but with more and more work on Vimeo and Youtube it will be easier to work on #3 if I have an additional HD camera. Time to research which affordable camera to get.

5. Finish my Sony Vegas certification – I started it but haven’t moved as quickly as I first plan. Before March I want to take the test and get certified.

And that, of course, is not a complete list. Just so you know I will accept donation so that I can achieve any of my objectives for 2012, perhaps that should be one of objectives???


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