SpaceAge Consulting Marketing care of VistaPrint

June 11, 2012


Special thank to VistaPrint  for delivering my new marketing material. Years ago my brother put me on to free business cards from VistaPrint with advertising on the back but I quickly realized the negative effect of promoting a different business when also promoting mine. So I decided to pony up for real cards and then noticed how great the prices were. I’ve been using them now through a variety of styles and found one that I really like. I was able to find an old card to compare and my current version is far better than the old one was.

Old Card vs New

About 2 years ago as I looked to expand SpaceAge Consulting LLC I tested out some free products offered by VistaPrint including pens, posters and magnet material. Since I was able to use my business card design for the magnets I was pleased but for some reason I couldn’t use the same planetary design for the post card. Once I received then I realized I wasn’t that happy with the layout.

Initial Post Card Design

It looks too busy and I made a common mistake a rookie would make in that I used multiple fonts as an attempt to add a varied look to a card to make up for the lack of background option. Once I created my logo this year I decided to create new posters as I love my business card design and have no desire to change it. I decided to go with a more minimal approach so that I can let the services take center stage. I toyed around with a few designs before I settle on one and then sent it off.  I was a little concerned on how it would turn out but once I opened the box (another thanks for quick shipping) my fears were allayed.  I *really* like the design.

SpaceAge Postcard Design

SpaceAge Current Postcard Design

It came to me exactly as I designed it which shouldn’t have surprised me since I’ve dealt with VistaPrint for over 8 years now. The number of options they provide for customers is really astonishing and their prices are unmatched by any professional group. I got 100 post cards and 500 business cards for under $60 including shipping. I am very pleased and would recommend VistaPrint to any business big or small.

Next for SpaceAge is T-shirts and dress shirts. I’ve tested out the iron on from Avery paper products but I want something more professional. Vistaprint will do T-shirts but I will have to talk to them about dress shirts.


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