Customer service still exists….

February 8, 2013

Kudos to Lensrentals.com!

A few weeks ago because of a comment made on this blog I was introduced to a new camera soon to hit the market: the JVC GC-PX100 . Because my pockets are not (yet) deep enough to buy every new camera for testing I go through rental companies to “Try before I Buy”. Lensrentals.com is a company that I have used in the past as when I was able to write the article about the Canon XA10. So I went to their site to see if they list the JVC GC-PX100  or something in its class as being in stock to rent. Unfortunately they did not carry anything like compariable to the JVC. On a whim I sent an email to their support personnel about the JVC GC-PX100  wondering if it is something they carry or would even consider carrying. Not only did I get a reply but the reply blew me away.

I received an email from someone at Lensrentals.com (Name and email will be posted after I receive permission to share that information) who indicated that simply because I was inquiring about that camera that they will stock it to rent. That, my friends, is customer service which is a big deal to me. For that reason I will mention Lensrentals.com every chance I get. Too often the internet is used to complain loudly about people/companies that do wrong, but it is good to be able to talk about a company that does something nice once in a while.

With this kind of customer service Lensrentals.com will be on my list of Great companies for quite a while. For the record I receive no compensation or reward from Lensrentals.com. I pay “sticker” price just like every other customer. I simply believe that the good that people do should be recognized.

[Editor’s Note – Added 11 Feb 2013 – Reordered for easier reading]

I received permission to include the letter that follow:

Contact Form, Jan 28 02:19 pm (CST):

Are there any plans to have a JVC GC-PX100 available for rental? I would
like to get my hands on it to create a review for my blog site:
https://av2all.wordpress.com . I understand that the PX100 along with the
Canon HF G20 and the Panasonic HC-X920 may not fit the price range that you
normally utilize on a day to day basis. Is there a way to see  if more
customers would be interested in that price range of cameras? Thank you.


From: LensRentals.com

Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 4:54 PM
To: Robert Baker
Subject: [LensRentals.com] Re: JVC GC-PX100 (ticket #79006)

## Please do not write below this line ##

Tyler Beckman, Jan 30 03:53 pm (CST):

Hey Robert, since you asked about them, I’m game for giving the JVC camcorders a try. I’m placing a preorder for a couple of them now. We should have them listed on our website and available for renting around the time that they begin to ship to U.S. retailers.


Tyler Beckman

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From: Robert Baker 
Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2013 12:15 PM
To: ‘LensRentals.com’
Subject: RE: [LensRentals.com] Re: JVC GC-PX100 (ticket #79006)

Very Impressive customer support.

As soon as it comes in I will be renting it. Hopefully I can utilize it for a series of interviews I’m conducting.

Robert J. Baker
Senior Networking Consultant
SpaceAge Consulting LLC




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