The New Wix.com

January 8, 2014

Years ago at the prompting of my niece I signed up for Wix.com to create a website. After a few tries using their template I gave up. I didn’t really like what they had to offer at the time. Today a friend mentioned it again as a way to create a site for her business so I decided to take a look at it again and I found something completely different.

The first thing I noticed was how much faster it was to work within the site. Years ago (must be atleast 4 by now) I found Wix.com to be slow and cumbersome to maneuver through; the new site is much faster. Editing of text and importing of media is so much more improved. It is built on HTML5, which is prominently displayed when you first start the web page creation process, which give me high hopes for what HTML5 can bring long term to the internet.

I was able to setup a site in about 20 minutes and that included uploading pictures from my workstation. I took a template, changed the background, added photos and content in some places. Made Font and other layout changes and never once did I feel uncomfortable with what I was doing. If you are at all familiar with Microsoft Word 2010 and up then you can use the text editing tools on Wix.com.

There are many Templates, Fonts, Photos and system icons to choose from that Wix provides along with all of the media that you are able to upload and upload quickly. You can easily choose many photos and each uploaded concurrently with indicators that let you know their current status. Quite slick. They almost adjust your site to be viewed on mobile devices which is a must today as more and more people are viewing sites by phones and tablet PC. The number of people not using desktops to browse the web will soon outpace those who do view websites on PCs so the number

As with most “FREE” hosting sites there are limits until you pony up some money. The pricing and comparison page is well layed out and easy to get to from the Wix.com homepage. If I were to upgrade beyond the free site I would most like take the “Unlimited” level at $12.42 for the year (one time payment of $149.04) or $15.95 per month (for a yearly total of $191.40).  I won’t get the opportunity to test their tech support yet but if I do I’ll post about my experience.

I like the new features and layout at Wix.com. I have had to take back all the bad things I told my friend and will actually work with her to get her started on her first website, courtesy of Wix.com. Now I just need to find a few other “FREE” webpage sites and see how they compare.


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