It has begun…

March 26, 2015

So I took a good bit of time getting this site up, researching a good hosting company and moving here from WordPress.com. While I really like this theme and it fits my corporate personality it is very difficult to work with so I had to take even more time to get everything set just right. And then, after all that work I stopped posting… It’s not as if I wasn’t doing anything to write about, it’s just that I’ve been actually very busy.

For the past few months I have been working as an Engineer/CCU Operator/Cameraman for Hope.TV but most of important of all I have started “filming” my documentary ‘The Other Side of Ministry’. Special thanks for Mrs. Sharon Williams who didn’t hesitate when asked if she to participate  and then worked through her busy schedule to give me a great interview. Thank you!

An interesting sidenote to the that first recording will require a story of its own. Just keep this in mind, it is never good thing when recording a scene and your assistant says the following words: “Do you smell something burning?” That led to an order for a new light set which, strangely enough, didn’t arrive as a complete set and required some phone calls, pictures and emails before I was able to get the complete order. I even got my basement cleaned out so that I can do some small recordings down there.

Along with a new light kit (500w Tungsen, btw) I have also purchased a new camera (Panasonic GH4 – my first non Canon camera in a while), some old school Canon FD lenses and adapters to go from FD to EOS to Micro 4/3, a robotic tripod head, and a Rokinon 85mm cine lens. Because of my increased work at Hope.TV I haven’t even had a chance to really test out any of this equipment so a series of tech reviews will be coming up shortly; keep your eye out for that.

As SpaceAge Consulting is working towards recording more interviews and footage for my documentary we also need to work towards raising some money to help with production. We are looking for someone to help us who knows how to raise money for good causes. We will also be looking into fund raising and crowd sourcing sites but if I can find someone to manage that aspect of the project it would be even better.

If you have any questions or suggestions please send me a message using the Contact Page on this site.



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