June 28, 2015

When I started my documentary “The Other Side of Ministry” I didn’t expect it to be easy. I bought books on filming and funding a documentary. I took additional courses on filming and editing and invested in additional equipment so that I could present the story as best as I could. I had friends and interviewees donate time to the effort, but I have to admit that I need more help. 

Due to budget constraints I have had to made do with, frankly, inferior equipment which I think distracts from the story. I have been blessed enough to make it this far but issues (external to the project) have really hampered my ability to move forward. And here is where I could use your help. There comes a time in every documentary where the crew has to raise money and now is that time for my crew. To that end I have created a Go Fund Me page to help support my Documentary & my ministry. This round of fundraising is for new equipment (camera, accessories and lighting) as I have had to sell off some of my other equipment due to those external issues. Any help that can be provided would help immensely in moving forward on a God given project. If you can help, please help.

For more information, please see: GoFund-The Other Side of Ministry

And thank you for any assistance you can give!



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  1. […] It is part of my Documentary Wish List that I have on B&H for which I am raising money using GoFundMe. (Donations are welcomed!!) I believe that will be the best kit to suit my needs for the time […]

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