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Lighting is the Key!

January 1, 2016

In the world of media production (unless a person is dealing strictly with audio) lighting is key. While the amount of light used can set a different tone for the scene you are filming or photographing it all basically comes down to the fact that you need a measure of light to start. Still and video cameras have improved over the last decade being able to capture usable (if not clean) images even in low light situations. I often come across astounding stats about the ability of certain cameras to captures “more latitude” or “greater dynamic range” and the price point of these cameras are ever dropping well past the $10k or even $5k price point. But you still need to start off with some light and sometimes I’ve found it downright difficult to get the right amount of light in the right places. Read the rest of this entry ?


Action Cameras

May 30, 2012

I have been completely intrigued by the GoPro Kiosks in Walmart and Target. My local Walmart is selling the Original HD Hero Action Camera while Target is selling the HD Hero 2 which boasts a better camera (8MP vs 5MP in the original), higher Frames per Second (120 vs 60 in 720p mode) and a higher price ($300 vs $200 – excuse me – $299 vs $199). I can stand at those kiosks and really get the sense of what the cameras are capable of because of the bungie jumping, sky diving, mountain skiing (actually skiing off a mountain), mountain biking (see mountain skiing) and race car driving. The video of the race car was really exciting for me because I love cars so I decided to get an action camera  and see how I can incorporate it into a video. Small problem being I don’t want to spend $300 on a niche camera right now. So I started to research…

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