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Mobile Streaming vs Desktop Streaming

November 27, 2013

I recently complete an edit for a client in which he recorded a few video segments for his health and nutrition business. Everything appeared fine on local playback so I uploaded it to Youtube for him to approve. Imagine my surprise when he emailed me to let me know there was something wrong with the audio. I listened to my local copy again and admitted there was a quite a bit of wind noise when it was originally recorded so I tweaked the audio and uploaded it again. And again I received the same complaint: bad audio. Read the rest of this entry ?


Starting over again for 2010

December 14, 2009

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You would think that because of the long lag between posts that I have been lazy and not doing much but the truth is I have been fairly busy. Since I last posted I have video taped 2 funerals (one was actually fun the other one not so much), 2 weddings (one has yet to be edited), engineered 1 concert (audio & video), recorded and edited a few commericals (youtube link goes here) and recorded and edited quite a few church services and am learning Adobe Lightroom 2.5 on top of continual education on Adobe After Effects. Read the rest of this entry ?