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Back in the Mix

October 14, 2014

My church recently (past year) switched over from an analog main console to a digital mixer. There are many benefits to having a digital mixer from the on-board processing to the ability to save and recall session or even working on sessions off-line (on a computer away from the sanctuary) and uploading it prior to a service. However, I believe the main benefit of having a digital Front of House (FoH) mixer is the ability to record each track individually. While that may not matter very much for a two track recording of the Pastor’s sermon tge ability to record separate tracks definitely matters during a 40 piece concert or even during song service which uses an 8 member praise team and 12 input band. Read the rest of this entry ?


Magic Lantern… Where have you been all my life???

June 18, 2013

As I am researching a new video camera to add to my arsenal (never giving up my DSLR but it is *NOT* great in every situation) I came across the idea of overwriting my Canon firmware on my 60D with a third party firmware that is supposed to add functionality. I had run CHDK on my older Canon Powershot SX20 before but that booted off of the SD card and wasn’t a true firmware overwrite.

For those of you not familiar with firmware it can be described as the brains behind the hardware in your equipment; it translates your commands, instructions and desires to the hardware to accomplish what you want the device to do. Many people think the processor is the brains of a device, but without firmware (or if you have corrupt firmware) you have a “brick”, i.e. a useless hunk of metal. Most devices have a process to reset damaged firmware but the process is usually harder to accomplish than the upgrade that went so wrong for you. Read the rest of this entry ?


2K and beyond

April 26, 2012

I while back I waxed poetic about the move to upgrade from SD to HD and my reluctance to make the switch. After all everything changes: camera equipment, editing workstation and workflow. My main reason for not making the switch was cost but a major reason for hesitation was distribution; requests from my clients for DVD outnumber requests for Blu-ray 50 to 1. Vimeo and Youtube have completely leveled that playing field. Now there is enough storage and bandwidth available for clients to receive their videos in HD format.  Of course since people are starting to get comfortable again the market must press forward, technology marches on. Read the rest of this entry ?


Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX)

November 17, 2010

I had the opportunity to attend WFX in Atlanta this year along with one of my best friends. It was a great opportunity to meet with some vendors, find out about the newer technologies that are being released, and a great chance to get to touch some of the items that are currently available. Roland, Yamaha, Canon, Panasonic, Grass Valley among MANY others were at the expo showing their wares. Read the rest of this entry ?