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Lighting is the Key!

January 1, 2016

In the world of media production (unless a person is dealing strictly with audio) lighting is key. While the amount of light used can set a different tone for the scene you are filming or photographing it all basically comes down to the fact that you need a measure of light to start. Still and video cameras have improved over the last decade being able to capture usable (if not clean) images even in low light situations. I often come across astounding stats about the ability of certain cameras to captures “more latitude” or “greater dynamic range” and the price point of these cameras are ever dropping well past the $10k or even $5k price point. But you still need to start off with some light and sometimes I’ve found it downright difficult to get the right amount of light in the right places. Read the rest of this entry ?


Artist Profile – Featuring Harold Watson

April 15, 2013

Video Interviews shedding the spotlight on local, up and coming musicians, singers, authors and performers.



More 4K

May 24, 2012

Shane Hurlbut recently tweeted about a short film he worked on called The Ticket. While working on The Ticket he used the new Canon 1DC: a new DSLR that records in 4K. When I asked him about his thoughts on the 1DC he was kind enough to reply with his blog post on the camera. As you will see from his post he is in love with the 1DC.

While it is way out of my price range (coming in at $15k) it did spark a conversation where a com-padre of mine mentioned the new 2.5K Blackmagic Design camera. At $3000 I could see getting this instead of the $5k JVC 4K camera that I posted about earlier. I would love to get my hands on ALL these cameras to contrast and compare.

Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design Camera